Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

We help businesses build their digital presence by understanding their target audience and ensuring that they are reaching the right users with the right strategy.

Digital Marketing is all about marketing a brand on the digital platforms. We help you leverage the power of internet to reach out to your potential customers and to establish your brand presence. We do all this with customized strategies that are just right for your brand.

Gyaata is made of team dynamic marketing experts. We have multi-industry experience and curiosity to learn. We can be your full-service digital marketing agency.

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Problem Statement

It becomes imperative to create a positive brand image that gives a powerful boost to the ROI. A brand needs a Digital Marketing team that can create mindful strategies backed by quality content and effective design. Even when we say this, it is very important to identify the right platform for the brand.

The Big E’s



We create customized strategies that are goal-oriented and result-driven in a target-rich territory for your brand.



We make sure that we are monitoring, optimizing, tracking, analyzing, and refining your brand’s strategy.



We pave the way for tech-focused holistic growth for your brand along with innovation, creation and a winning attitude.

At Gyaata we provide custom services according to your need make sure that you are always on your A-game!

Our services include:

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Social Media Marketing (2)

Social Media Marketing


PPC Ad Service

Ebooks & Whitepapers

Content Marketing

E-mail marketing

E-mail Marketing

App Install marketing

Mobile Marketing

Display advertising affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

We got you.

Here’re the FAQs where you solve the all the queries in just a single click. Still have any queries or questions, connect with us. Our marketing expert will get in touch you.
Digital marketing helps you meet your customers where they are – on the internet, browsing through websites and social media feeds. Where do you think your customers are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Digital Marketing helps you identify your audience base and reach them with your products through engaging and exciting content. It has been proven to increase sales by as much as 12-15 percent.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It optimizes your website content as per search engines’ liking and helps you rank higher in SERPs. In simple terms, SEO helps brands by making them easily searchable and in turn, increasing traffic to the brand website.
Google ads are brand advertisements that appear on Google Search and Google Maps along with Google’s partner sites. These are paid ads and are strategically placed on the internet to improve brand visibility and reach. You have to pay Google for this service based on number of clicks on the ad.
Online advertising benefits a brand by helping it reach millions of customers across the globe. It is a cost-effective method of reaching out to the target audience and bringing in sales and revenue. Online advertising is also engaging, mode-flexible and more efficient than the traditional advertising methods.
Social media is a fun and effective marketing tool for businesses across industries. Active social media handle/s work as a showcase of brand values and help businesses reach out to their customers with engaging content while building trust and authority. Your social media can also be your online address where customers go to find great products, services and reviews.

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