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Lead Generation

Our motto is a creative approach towards lead generation to reach a result-oriented goal that you desire. Our talented team ensures that their creativity is backed with performance-led results.

We devise and utilize the most effective strategies for your brand in order to create brand awareness. We generate quality driven leads with the highest possible conversion rates. We also work hard on capturing those audience who we see as potential new customers and clients.

At Gyaata, our team comprises of lead generation specialists who help you get quality leads to expand your business by getting more traction with actionable results.

Problem Statement

A brand must ensure that they are continuously growing its business at a steady pace, which means it will have to reach out to more people that are its potential customers. The most efficient strategy for doing this is via Lead generation. The brand can build trust, visibility, and credibility with this strategy. Lead generation not only helps bring in potential business but also brings in only interested buyers.

The Big D’s


We make custom made strategic plans by understanding your brand.


We make sure that we find the hidden gems to create meaningful connections.


We make sure that we determine the quality of lead according to your brand!

Our services include:

Direct mail


Cold calling

E-mail marketing



Social media


We got you.

Here’re the FAQs where you solve the all the queries in just a single click. Still have any queries or questions, connect with us. Our marketing expert will get in touch you.
Lead generation is the process of identifying the target audience and reaching out to them for business. This process involves activities that draw attention of the potential customers to a brand or a product and eventually converts them into paying customers. Online lead generation is popularly done through social media and emails.
Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers’ attention to your services or products, and our goal is to turn this potential customer into one. Whereas when it comes to sales, it usually relies on manual efforts and the help of salespeople who search for new business opportunities by themselves.
Lead qualifying is the process of surveying customers in terms of their willingness to purchase a product, interest in a brand, financial ability and other such important aspects that may influence the purchase decision.
The cost of lead generation is calculated on a per-lead basis. This is a common pricing model practiced across the industry. The cost- per lead can vary according to the brand and the services they advertise. Wondering how the calculation is done, it is simple: all you have to do is divide the total number of new leads by your total ad spend.
The target audience is selected according to the client. Selecting a target audience is based on which demographic the client wants to concentrate on and the age range in which they wish to promote their services/ products. It also heavily depends on the user’s behavior and other aspects.

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