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Outbound Marketing

Gyaata provides exclusive outbound marketing services according to the need of the brand! Be it Google Advertising or target-based marketing emails, we do it all.

At Gyaata we do not just market your services but we also educate your audience about your brand values and motto. We take your brand up a notch with target-based marketing.

Our outbound marketing services ensure that we utilize all the available platforms and proven marketing strategies with your preferred target audience. We are your trusted outbound advertising partner who can help your brand reach new heights of success.

Problem Statement

Despite the best efforts by the marketing team, studies suggest that most social media ads reach only 5% of the target audience. Now, with Outbound marketing, a brand can reach out to the masses with a message that helps them reach out to a large spectrum of people on the first attempt.

The Big P’s


We provide you with exclusive content and design to promote your brand and services.


We provide you with tips and ticks of the trade to popularize your brand presence.


We provide you with dynamic strategies unique to your brand to make you stand out in the crowd.

At Gyaata we do not sell just sell your services we educate your audience about the brand values and the motto of your brand. We take your brand up a notch with target- based marketing.

Our services include:


Event sponsorships

Tradeshow presentations

Advertising through TV & Radio

Display ads

Direct Email Marketing

Cold Calling

We got you.

Here’re the FAQs where you solve the all the queries in just a single click. Still have any queries or questions, connect with us. Our marketing expert will get in touch you.
Outbound marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing. It is the process of reaching out to the customers with a product/idea through TV ads, cold calling, paid ads on social media, cold emails, etc. Outbound marketing works by pushing out a solution to the customers (whether they are looking or not), on their preferred platforms and generate leads.
With Outbound Marketing, one does not have to invest a particular amount of time, as we are not waiting for the target audience to come to us, but we are presenting our brand in front of them through emails, blogs, ads, and more.
The main goal of outbound marketing is to reach out to the customers and introduce the product to them. In this method, businesses do not wait for customers to come in, rather they step out and try to catch the customers’ attention. Remember street hawkers? Outbound marketing is similar but with a hint of sophistication.
Outbound marketing strategies include methods that work on a large group of people simultaneously. Some of the top outbound marketing strategies are direct email, trade show/events, TV/radio ads and print ads.
One thing that startups need more than anything else is customers and outbound marketing helps startups to bring in customers faster than any other method. With outbound marketing you get out and about and let the customers know that you have arrived and you will solve all their problems. There’s no wait and watch here.

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