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Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing has become the centrepiece of all good marketing strategies since it offers higher ROI. It is a clear and effective marketing strategy because of trackable performance and ease of analysis.

Gyaata is one of the leading performance marketing agencies that delivers high-octane results. From creating brand awareness and establishing a solid identity for your brand, to reaching new audiences and boosting site traffic, we have got you covered! As your performance marketing agency, we help you accelerate your brand with top-class performance marketing services.

Problem Statement

Every brand needs that extra push into the market to reach out to a bigger set of potential consumers. With Performance Marketing, there is a reassurance that they will reach that goal while knowing where each penny is spent. This kind of marketing strategy is more effective than traditional marketing.

The Big C’s


We make sure that we are giving you the best of all the media platforms to leave your mark.


We create amazingly unique campaigns that make you stand out from the crowd.


We curate the best marketing strategy for you and your brand.

At Gyaata we do not sell just sell your services we educate your audience about the brand values and the motto of your brand. We take your brand up a notch with target- based marketing.

Our services include:

Paid media management

Social media marketing

Display advertising affiliate marketing

Lead generation & sales campaigns

Search engine optimization

App Install marketing

We got you.

Here’re the FAQs where you solve the all the queries in just a single click. Still have any queries or questions, connect with us. Our marketing expert will get in touch you.
Performance marketing is a version of digital marketing. In this method, brands pay the service providers only when marketing strategies meet a business objective or when a specific, expected action is performed, such as a click, a lead conversion, a sale, or a redirection to a landing page.
Performance marketing provides measurable data regarding money invested in marketing efforts. It tells you how every dollar is used to achieve your business goals. With performance marketing, you get only efficient campaigns valued for the money you spend.
SEO does not fall under performance marketing because, in that process, you cannot control the outcomes with paid campaigns. But marketing companies can use performance marketing strategies to design and deploy SEO campaigns that can yield better results.
Performance marketing covers several channels to improve reach and unlock new markets for a brand. It covers social media, search marketing, native ads, display ads, CTV ads, and audio ads.
A good performance marketing strategy has catchy content, focused targeting, an efficient landing page, and dynamic optimization.

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