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The process of creating a brand is called branding, and it involves putting your company or product on the market and popularizing it by using smart brand strategy, creating a buzz, and defining your brand voice. When a company can follow through consistently, it becomes a more reliable and respectable business in the eyes of consumers. Without proper branding, the business would be lost in a sea of companies vying for people’s attention.
Social media is a fun and effective marketing tool for businesses across industries. Active social media handle/s work as a showcase of brand values and help businesses reach out to their customers with engaging content while building trust and authority. Your social media can also be your online address where customers go to find great products, services and reviews.
Lead generation is the process of identifying the target audience and reaching out to them for business. This process involves activities that draw attention of the potential customers to a brand or a product and eventually converts them into paying customers. Online lead generation is popularly done through social media and emails.
Offline marketing is every marketing that technique that does not use internet. It was only method of marketing before the advent of internet and is still known to yield tremendous results. Offline marketing works by through modes of mass communication such as TV/radio advertising, newspaper ads, billboards, pamphlets, banners, etc.
Performance marketing is a version of digital marketing. In this method, brands pay the service providers only when marketing strategies meet a business objective or when a specific, expected action is performed, such as a click, a lead conversion, a sale, or a redirection to a landing page.


Gyaata has extensive marketing experience in providing marketing solutions to top brands with innovative trends that allows you to measure high ROI and grow your business to the next level. Here’re our clients where we served our top-notch solutions for their business.

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TechnoMark Solutions
TechnoMark Solutions
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Through excellent marketing work, Sunil and his entire team have been a great help in developing our brand. It has been a very convenient process to work with the Gyaata team. They have great communication skills and strong technical knowledge. You guys rock!
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We used Gyaata’s support to build our website from scratch and develop our brand. We found them to be very professional, knowledgeable, and very customer-focused. Thanks to the entire team for their support!
GEx Search
GEx Search
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It has been a pleasure to work with Gyaata. The dedication and work management of the team members is simply laudable. A group of knowledgeable individuals with solid communication and coordination skills. Great work by Team Gyaata, thanks for all your support!

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